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  1. Did you say “PAI” eye cream? Thanks can’t read the container in the video;
    never heard of it but will check it out. 

  2. I have sensitive, combination skin that is break out prone, and it’s
    improved dramatically since I switched to using high quality natural
    skincare. So, I thought I would share what products have really been
    working for me, and I would love to know what natural products you’ve been

  3. Might I make a suggestion… I suggest maybe clipping back your bang piece
    of hair that kept getting in the way, and kept getting product on. Just a
    suggestion 🙂 But great video! 

  4. Try the yes to tomatoes wipes I use those and that vitamin c face wash I
    use to use but all the citrus I think irritates my skin makes it red 

  5. but do you read the Supplement Facts?
    alba are not 100% natural they have chemicals. just like avalon organic
    they are all fake

  6. What is your accent? Haha, I have never heard an accent quite like yours.
    Just on certain words, the particular pronunciation. 

  7. My eyes are naturally really blue, but I like to wear a lot of bronze
    eyeshadow that compliments my eye color as well : ) Thanks!

  8. Hey girl..great videos. You have awesome eyes… I’m really into organics
    too. But Avalon isn’t 100% organic..it says right on their site. Not sure
    about the other ones…Hey connect with me on Facebook…would love to
    connect with you over there. facebook.com/ tracyselena

  9. I love ORGANIC too <3. Lush is amazing for organic products, I am obessed
    with a ton of their products!!! You should check them out!

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