Organic Cosmetics Overview – Обзор Органической Косметики

Organic Cosmetics Overview – Обзор Органической Косметики Приглашаю в мой канал! Буду рада ответить на вопросы. Пишите ваши пожелания на другие видео. Оставл…

Lush Haul & Mini Review (Bath Bombs) Organic Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

OPEN ME!! 😀 WATCH IN HD looks so much prettier! ;D ALL OF MY VIDEOS ARE ORGANIZED BY CATEGORIES IN THE “PLAYLISTS” TAB :)) I have zero tolerance for hate an…
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  1. Очень красивая и грамотная ведущая! Рекомендую всем)))))))))

  2. Ugh, hauls are great but they always make me want to go buy stuff haha.
    Love your videos, I hope to see more daily vlogs sometime!:)
    (Also, I totally, totally do not mean to spam, so I hope it didn’t come off
    that way!), I just started vlogging and I know you are so busy so you
    probably can’t watch but if you ever got the time to watch, it’d mean a lot!
    Again, sorry if it is spam! Just figured it’d be easier here if you did
    want to watch and you could just click over.
    Have a good day!:)

  3. Do a review on the mask! I feel so shitty because I can’t watch your daily
    vlogs, as a matter a fact any daily vlogs from anyone because they make me
    super nauseous

  4. my favourite bath combo from lush (I’m obsessed with lush but this is my
    fave bath combo)
    amandopondo bubble bar (I only use half)
    and the golden wonder bath bomb (definitely one you can spilt)

  5. I would like to see your review on the mask. I never tried lush bath balls
    before but watching your review on it, I will definitely give it a try.:)

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